Go on an adventure on the specially designed trails.

Snowmobiling, also called a snowmobile or snow scooter, is a popular activity in ski resorts, offering an exciting way to experience snowy landscapes. In Courchevel, you can rent a snowmobile and go on an adventure on specially designed trails.

Driving a snowmobile is generally reserved for people over the age of 18 and holding a valid driver’s license. You will receive safety instructions and instructions before taking the handlebars of the snowmobile. You can enjoy the speed, adrenaline and sensations of sliding on the snow while exploring the surroundings of Courchevel.



Paragliding offers a brea...


Paragliding offers a breathtaking view of the snowy landscapes of Courchevel. You can admire mountain peaks, snow-covered valleys and ski slopes from a unique perspective.
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