Shopping and gastronomy

Courchevel is home to many luxury boutiques, as well as renowned restaurants and cafes. Explore the shopping streets and discover local products as well as international brands. Don't miss out on tasting Savoyard specialties

Courchevel is renowned for its luxury shopping offerings and fine dining scene.

Shopping in Courchevel:

1- Luxury boutiques: Courchevel is home to many luxury boutiques offering high-end international brands. You will find prestigious fashion brands. The streets of Courchevel are lined with elegant boutiques where you can discover collections of high-end fashion, jewelry, accessories and decoration.

2- Art and antique galleries: Courchevel also has several art and antique galleries. You can admire works by contemporary artists, sculptures, photographs and antiques. This is a great opportunity to discover local and international art.

3- Regional products: For lovers of regional products, you will also find delicatessens and specialized boutiques offering cheeses, wines, cold meats and other tasty local products. You can take home gastronomic souvenirs from your stay in Courchevel.


Gastronomy in Courchevel:

1- Michelin-starred restaurants: Courchevel is renowned for its high-quality gastronomic scene, with several Michelin-starred restaurants. You can enjoy creative and refined cuisine prepared by talented chefs. Some restaurants also offer traditional Savoyard specialties, such as fondue, raclette and tartiflette.

2- Bistros and brasseries: In addition to Michelin-starred restaurants, Courchevel also has many bistros, brasseries and more casual restaurants. You can enjoy quality French and international cuisine, ranging from classic dishes to contemporary creations.

3- Apres-ski: Courchevel also offers a variety of bars, pubs and lounges where you can relax after a day of skiing. You can enjoy hot drinks, cocktails, wines and spirits while enjoying the lively and friendly atmosphere.



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